Aghil Jose

An Engineer with experience in end-to-end application development, enjoys research and with pivotal contributions in building innovative applications to the needs of the business.

I often build applications that leaves people wondering, "How was this built?". I hold experience in End-to-End Application Development and have worked with Nissan Motor Corporation.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams in agile as well as waterfall environments and with a proven track record of producing results in Automotive visualisation and Virtual Testing environment for Autonomous Vehicles. Apart from these, I love football, travel, photography and reading.

  • ECT / Senior Frontend Engineer / June 2023 - Present
  • JOYNEXT / Software Innovarion Engineer / September 2022 - March 2023
  • Nissan Motor Coorporation / Software Engineer II/ April 2021 - August 2022
  • Nissan Motor Coorporation / Software Engineer I/ September 2018 - March 2021


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