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1. Technologies used

  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. Node JS
  4. MongoDB

2. Problem

I wanted to make my blog more accessible. A mobile application was the obvious answer.

3. Challenges

While creating a mobile application, things considered were the target Operating System, need for an adequate backend and database management system. Also the application had to be lightweight and something more than just another webview application.

4. Solution

As a hybrid mobile application development framework and with a growing community, flutter was the weapon of choice. The existing backend and database of Node JS and MongoDB respectively was slightly modified to accomodate this application as well. With the help these, the application could access the same data as the blog and display in phone in a more comforatble fashion.

5. Result

A hybrid application was created that loads the blog articles and displays to the user. Users can view and access every feature that was available in the web application with ease.

Portfolio image


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